Church Ministries



Ministers serve under the leadership and training of the Pastor and are prepared to minister to the member and community as assigned.


The Deacons are chosen and ordained to serve the church by being diligent in their concern for the welfare of the congregation and assisting the Pastor in carrying out the ordinances of the Church.


These mature women of faith serve as role models by praying; supporting the Pastor and ministries of the church; and giving support and instruction to younger women.


The Music Ministry goal is to enhance worship service with total praise with a spirit of excellence with the following choirs: Adult Choir, Young Adult Choir, Youth Choir, Women’s Ensemble and Men’s Ensemble.


This Ministry seeks to serve people and to serve God by helping to maintain an atmosphere of reverence and order before, during and after service. This includes greeting worshippers at the door and ushering them to their seats; giving visitors cards, programs and offering envelopes; and assisting with offering.


The Hospitality Ministry takes responsibility for welcoming and receiving of church visitors and members; greeting them; and following up with letters or cards. The Ministry also helps new members get connected into the life of the church.


Sunday School Ministry is designed to reach out to win souls for Christ by teaching the Word; inspiring members to learn the Word; and to reach out to help others. Classes are available for all ages.


The Transportation Ministry is responsible for providing transportation to the Church and for various ministry activities. Designated drivers operate the van and request a 24 hour notice for transportation needs.


The Media Ministry ensures the sound and video systems are prepared and in operation for scheduled programs and events as well as the reproducing of CD’s and DVD’s.

YOUTH - YIELD (Youth Interacting Exalting Learning Discipleship)

The mission of the Youth Ministry is to provide an environment where Jesus Christ is the center, where youth can interact with each other, exalt the Father and learn to be a disciple. The key scripture is Matthew is 28:19-20. The Director is responsible for coordinating Youth Leaders for each age group who are responsible for teaching Bible Study on Wednesday nights and involving them with activities to inspire them to live for Christ.

  • Preschool Ministry (Ages 3-5) The Promised Land
  • Primary Ministry (Ages 6-8) Heaven’s Best
  • Junior Ministry (Ages 9-11) Young Disciples
  • Young Teens Ministry (Ages 12-14) Favor
  • High School Ministry (Ages 15-18) God’s Property
  • Young Adult Ministry (Ages 19-24) VIP


Open to children ages 3-5, the mission of the Promised Land is to provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for our young beginners with the primary focus of building and encouraging them in Jesus Christ. Parents with babies and toddlers are invited to bring them to the learning center and stay with them.


The Christian Education Ministry is responsible for the spiritual education of the Church by evaluating study materials; planning programs to equip God’s people to do His work; and build up the ministries of the Church.


The Custodian Ministry is responsible for making sure the entire Church is clean and maintained according to the cleaning schedule and the building use schedule.


The Lawn Care Ministry is responsible for ensuring the lawn is mowed and properly maintained. Coordinate as needed with other Leaders to make sure the lawn is in good condition for Church events.


The Grounds Ministry makes sure the grounds are kept neat, clean and safe; coordinates lawn care and parking for the campus.


The Cemetery Ministry is responsible for overseeing the cemetery and managing burials in the church cemetery.


Taking responsibility for the upkeep of the Church and the Family Life Center, this Ministry ensures that all repairs are completed in a timely manner.


This Ministry extends courtesy to members in the event of the death of a family member based on guidelines approved by the membership. In addition, the team evaluates requests for assistance with special needs of the membership and individuals from the community.


The purpose of the Christian Women Outreach is to promote unity and fellowship among the women of the church. This group places emphasis on outreach, teaching the young ladies of the church; and reaching out to those inactive.


The purpose of the Christian Brotherhood is to develop relationships between the young men and the older men to promote unity. The Ministry is to emphasize evangelism and outreach to help others.


This Ministry works at the request of event planners to plan, prepare and serve delicious meals to the body of Christ. Members share by making donations and assisting with preparation as requested.


The Family Life Center Ministry makes sure all activities are consistent with the spiritual values to promote spiritual excellence by planning and coordinating recreational activities for all ages. All events held in the facility are scheduled through this ministry.


The Health Ministry’s goal is to promote the health and wellness of the membership by being available during worship services to assist with medical illness, provide education on major health problems and coordinate wellness activities for the membership and community.

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